This photo of ‘A-Train Ripper’ knife shows specks of blood


The NYPD has tweeted out a photo of the murder weapon allegedly used by the “A-Train Ripper’’ — a large kitchen knife with specks of blood still on it.

“The suspect was found with this knife at the time of arrest which he used on the vulnerable,’’ cops wrote above a photo of the weapon.

Rigoberto Lopez, the alleged "A-Train Ripper" who stabbed four people on the subway last week.
Rigoberto Lopez, the alleged “A-Train Ripper” who is suspected of stabbing four people on the subway last week.

The handle of the knife is wrapped in a dirty blue bandana for the snapshot.

Cops are working now to get DNA off the handle, police sources told The Post on Monday.

Detectives also are scouring for video surveillance that shows homeless suspect Rigoberto Lopez, 21, entering the subway system before allegedly launching his random murderous weekend spree.

Investigators want it for their timeline of Lopez’s alleged crimes, sources said.

Cops already have footage of him leaving the subway system — surveillance that helped lead to Lopez’s arrest, when two officers saw him still in the same clothes as the described perpetrator and nabbed him Saturday evening.

Lopez is accused of killing two homeless people and wounding two others on the train line Friday into Saturday.

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