No, that wasn’t ex-NFLer Bruce Campbell getting his ass kicked in Walmart


Twitter lost its collective mind on Sunday night when a video of a man that was purported to be former NFL offensive lineman Bruce Campbell getting pummeled in a Walmart went viral.

Turns out, it wasn’t Bruce Campbell at all – though that doesn’t make the video any less insane.

In the video, the man – who, again, is not Campbell – is unmasked, gesturing toward someone behind the counter and yelling “do something, motherf–ker!”

Then, a man – smaller than the guy who started the fight – walks out from behind the counter and squares up with him. The instigator throws the first punch, but quickly is overmatched by the man behind the counter, who knocks him on the ground.

At one point, the man from behind the counter punches him so hard that his head hits against the self-checkout aisle. He then gets knocked onto the floor and pummeled several times in the face.

The Athletic’s Ted Nguyen, however, blows up the narrative that the former lineman was the one taking the beating.

“This tweet from a troll account which was joking started this whole thing,” Nguyen tweeted. “If you look at the original video which he quote tweeted, there’s no reference to Bruce.”

Campbell played four NFL seasons as an offensive lineman from 2010 to 2013, two with the Raiders and two with the Carolina Panthers, and was briefly a member of the Jets in 2014 but was cut before the season started. And again, he was not the man in this video.

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