Nepal’s Supreme Court Rules Dissolved Parliament Must Be Reinstated


KATHMANDU, Nepal — Nepal’s Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that the country’s Parliament, which was dissolved in December by the country’s prime minister, must be reconvened, pushing the Himalayan nation into another round of political instability.

Prime Minister K. P. Sharma Oli of Nepal dissolved Parliament on Dec. 20 following protracted internal disputes within his ruling Nepal Communist Party, but the court concluded that he had overstepped his powers.

“The court has termed the house dissolution as an unconstitutional act,” said the court’s spokesman, Bhadrakali Pokharel, adding that the legislature needed to be reinstated within two weeks.

The decision means that Mr. Oli will likely face a no-confidence motion when legislators reconvene.

Rajan Bhattarai, a foreign affairs adviser to Mr. Oli said the prime minister would respect the court order. “He won’t weigh any undemocratic move like imposing an emergency or anything else,” he said.

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