Judge Judy’s son Gregory Sheindlin sues court gadfly


A gadfly who clogs courts with “vexatious” claims is on a scorched-earth campaign against Judge Judy’s son.

James H. Brady, who has filed so many repetitive lawsuits he’s been ordered to stop and sanctioned in both state and federal courts, is now being sued for defamation and libel after posting multiple YouTube videos and Craigslist ads accusing attorney Gregory Sheindlin of “stealing” his life savings.

Sheindlin, whose father Jerry married “Judge Judy” Sheindlin in 1977, says his only crime was representing a Manhattan commercial landlord in an ultimately victorious years-long rent battle with Brady.

Apparently unable to accept a unanimous jury verdict against him in that case, Brady has spent years lashing out.

Court records show he’s accused a “dizzying array of defendants” — judges, the Manhattan District Attorney, federal prosecutors, and lawyers who have either repped him or beaten him in court — of corruption and fraud.

Unable to find satisfaction in the courts, Brady has now turned to YouTube and Craigslist in a bid to bring down Sheindlin with defamatory claims, Sheindlin charges in a Manhattan Federal Court lawsuit against the New Jersey man, whom he describes as “a vindictive, disgruntled, serial litigant.”

The trio of YouTube clips show Sheindlin on the phone and talking to others in an office, but Brady insists in blaring titles that the footage reveals, “Judge Judy’s son Gregory Sheindlin stealing over $1.7 million dollars.”

Brady has also advertised on Craigslist for a lawyer to take on his case, including one post with blurry shots of Sheindlin and the headline, “Get these photos of Judge Judy’s son stealing in press win $$$.”

Brady has also begged judges, to no avail, to allow him to file “criminal” charges against Sheindlin — though the specific accusations are unclear.

Attorney Gregory Sheindlin, who is Judge Judy’s son, represented a Manhattan commercial landlord who won a years-long rent battle against James H. Brady.
Attorney Gregory Sheindlin, who is Judge Judy’s son, represented a Manhattan commercial landlord who won a years-long rent battle against James H. Brady.
Sheindlin Law Firm

Brady was accused in 2009 of failing to pay the rent on three floors he leased for a meeting hall and catering businesses at 336 W. 37th St. After a long court battle, a unanimous jury sided with landlord IGS Realty, records show.

The unpaid rent, ballooning attorney fees and interest eventually swelled to a more than $1.7 million judgment as Brady dragged out proceedings, repeatedly suing, and failing, to overturn the verdict. Sheindlin had been hired by IGS to help settle the judgment.

“Despite Brady’s full and fair opportunity to litigate his legal rights at every level of the New York State judicial system, he would commence a litany of vexatious and harassing legal actions where he impugned the motivations and integrity of anyone involved with the adverse state court decisions,” Sheindlin said in his lawsuit.

Sheindlin wants a court order forcing Brady to remove the YouTube videos and barring him from making any more.

“Mr. Brady lost and continues to act as if our system of justice applies to everyone but him,” said Sheindlin’s lawyer, Michael Sussman.

Brady insisted to The Post he’s telling the truth.

“My claims are not false. Sheindlin did exactly what I said he did in the YouTube videos,” he wrote in an email.

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